​Lachaé Cosmetics a beauty and skin care brand from the United States of America, officially launched in Nigeria yesterday the 31st of October 2016. The brand caters to women of colour and aims at becoming the best at doing so globally.
As part of activities surrounding the launch, the face of Lachaé contest was held and two lovely ladies, Nana and Tamuno emerged as winners.

The competition was a tight one, but the the girls brought their A games, showing their makeup skills and answering all the quesions asked by Tayo of ‘The World PR Media’ who anchored the event.

Lachaé Cosmetics Nigeria 

Lachaé Cosmetics Nigeria - lights camera and cheeks

The guest judges and the Lachaé cosmetics brand manager picked the winners based on their ability to showcase their inner and outer beauty. Most importantly, the face Lachaé is expected to be an ambassador of the brand with positive attributes upholding the reputation of the brand.

Loads of products were on display and it’s impossible not love the richly pigmented products ranging from eyeshadows to lipsticks and so much more. The fact that Lachaé has different palettes with blushes, powders and contour kits makes it even more appealing to makeup artists, who could do with variety of colours, in a single package.

A masterclass taught by Yemisi Seriki of ‘Nsure beauty‘ demonstrated how Lachaé cosmetics can be used to achieve a full face makeover. The ebony skinned  model looked awesome, so this is a clear indication that Lachaé beauty brand is one to look out for.

The company is currently recruiting wholesalers and distributors so it’s a great time for interested parties to come on board. Send an email to beauty@lachaeng.com for details.

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