About this time last year,I wrote a piece titled: Her story 2008. Basically,it was a summary of the events that I encountered that year. I poured out my heart without a care in the world, and surprisingly it caught the attention of an old schoolmate. J is a very special person and has affected my life in countless ways. Hence, my 2009 kicked off on this beautiful note and its been suffice to say that I found love,I found peace,I found friendship and I found my partner in J. He has been one of my many blessing and day by day he gives me reasons to be Thankful.

Not withstanding, I still had my fair share of obstacles and serious decision making. Moving back to Nigeria was one of the major steps I had to take but I still can’t say that I have any regrets. Yes,there have been nights I was fed up,days I almost gave up on my own self and times I struggled,but my God has been faithful and has strengthened me to overcome my fears.

I have come a long way and I’m ever so grateful for family and friends that have stood by me and helped me achieve my dreams. The struggle continues but I can say that I’m right where I want be. I’m happy that I’m doing what I love as a recruitment consultant and with all humility, I seize this opportunity to introduce my very own recruitment and verification company called: “First Class Verification limited(FCV). Ps find time to visit www.firstclassverification.com for further information.

I thank you all for always being there to read my ranting and look out for me. I am counting on all the love and support I get from you guys cos its my driving force. I’d also like to say a very special thank you to the bloggers on twitter keeping it real. I love you guys and even though its long overdue, I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF 2010.GOD BLESS!

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