Birthday Chica

(null) I also had the pleasure of popping open his custom Ciroc bottle given to him by Ciroc Nigeria. (Perks of being married to a media personality. Hehehe). (null) One thing is for sure, it’s impossible to pass off birthdays as regular days because the attention you get is certainly different. I woke up to loads of messages and I recall being scared to even respond for fear of being unable to keep up. I ignored my phone and went straight to my bride for the day. Peaceful Uchechi remembered it was my birthday as I had mentioned it, when she called to make her booking. She wished me a a happy birthday and even said a prayer for me. Really sweet and simple bride. Here’s how she looked after her hair and makeup. (null) (null) (null) Her sister and chief bridesmaid also looked fab and I especially loved her dimples. (null) (null) After working on a bridal party of 10 people with my team, we stopped over at chicken republic for a meal as we were all starving. I got a cake from my other job so stopped over to pick it up. (null) I got back home tired and I spent most of my evening responding to birthday greetings and phone calls. I had my siblings come over and it was a fun evening of chit-chats, fun, food and drinks. I’m so thankful and I feel blessed everyday. I love my friends and family and I am constantly reminded of the love and care they feel towards me during moments like this. I went to bed happy and updated my bbm status to: “Everybody loves Cheeks”.]]>

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