Did you just say I can’t wear makeup to the gym?

Did you just say I can’t wear makeup to the gym? Wearing makeup to the gym is out of the question for some, but let’s face it, the temptation to look good always, gym or not, is inevitable for many of us. What’s all the fuss about wearing makeup to the gym anyways? Why is it such a big problem? Yes, I know dermatologist and skin care experts warn against wearing heavy foundation and powder to the Gym. Apparently, this is because while working out, the skin produces excess sweat which is meant to revitalize the body and replenish the skin. However, instead of the free flow of sweat during workouts, makeup can clog the pores, allowing the trapped debris and bacteria remain under skin cells causing irritation, bumps and acne. Even though the main aim of going to the gym is to sweat it out and get low down dirty with the workout, many women won’t dare to go bare faced regardless of the risk of skin irritation. The struggle to look good at all times is real, be it for that good looking gym instructor or fellow gym buddies. Like it or not, some of us just don’t want to be caught ‘out and about’ without makeup.

If this is the case, then here are some ways throw in some glam before hitting the gym and without damaging your skin. Use a tinted moisturizers instead of foundations as this would give you the sheer coverage you need without clogging your pores. People are less likely to have AZ\acne on your eyelids and lips, so concentrate on these areas if you must wear makeup. A pop of colorful eyeshadow and lip gloss might be all the magic you need to look effortlessly beautiful at the gym.

Keep your skin hydrated and clean before and after gym sessions, as sweat in itself is acidic and must be washed of immediately so as not to harm the skin. If you treat you skin right, then you would soon get the natural glow that will be make you confident enough to bare your skin when going to the gym.

Going to the gym is important to keep the body healthy. However, healthy skin is equally as important, so if you must wear makeup to the gym, always to keep it light.


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