Funky’s Fairytale

Funkola got married a few months back so this post is long overdue. Her engagement ceremony took place in Ekiti and I dare to say I have never seen an outfit so simple, yet elegant and classy. It was champagne, silver, nudes and crystals. The pop of red on her lips and the most beautiful smile was definitely all the colour this stunning bride required to shine bright like a diamond. 20140731-045803-17883786.jpg 20140731-045804-17884375.jpg 20140731-050024-18024492.jpg 20140731-050024-18024631.jpg The truth is, Funky looked so good l, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Her siblings were not left out of the fun. The pleasant Ani sisters all looked great as they got ready to light up Ekiti. 20140731-050618-18378788.jpg 20140731-050619-18379139.jpg 20140731-050619-18379457.jpg 20140731-050619-18379961.jpg Ekiti was so much fun and the Ani’s are such wonderful hosts so I had such a pleasant experience. A couple of weeks later, Princess Funkola Ani had her white wedding in the most intimate and beautiful wedding Ceremony in Lagos. This bride sure knows what she wants and she certainly pulled it off. We have tagged this memorable wedding “Destination wedding in Lagos” because it sure felt like it was somewhere in paradise. Really thankful and privileged to be a part of Funky’s fairytale and I wish the couple a very happy married life! 20140731-051634-18994190.jpg 20140731-051633-18993907.jpg 20140731-051632-18992594.jpg 20140731-051633-18993084.jpg 20140731-051635-18995385.jpg 20140731-051634-18994929.jpg 20140731-051634-18994634.jpg 20140731-051637-18997631.jpg 20140731-051633-18993593.jpg 20140731-051638-18998148.jpg 20140731-051635-18995871.jpg 20140731-051637-18997043.jpg 20140731-051638-18998512.jpg 20140731-051636-18996394.jpg Photo Credits: Cliq by Jamjam


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