I want to go home!!!

Sometimes I can’t help feeling enslaved to this gadget called the mobile phone. This morning for instance, just when I was at the prime of my sweet sleep, I heard a sharp and loud beep that left me awake instantly. It was another text message on my phone and this time it was even from an anonymous number. Interestingly though, the text message read: please ring 08453004433 to vote for Amnesty for immigrants in the united kingdom before Tuesday next week. The uk government is considering granting permanent visas to all foreign visitors as well as illegal immigrants.”
Wow! too good to be true, I thought to myself and truthfully I paused for a second and thought of what I stand to gain if this would come to pass and I guess that’s what makes me a typical naija girl. Minutes later, I decided to face reality, it was just my people at it again and trust me it gave me cause for concern.
How long will we continue to fight so hard to be part of a foreign land? How long will we keep striving to fit into this society I barley understand. I’m here for a purpose which is to study and lay a solid foundation for myself. I know where I am and I always remember that motherland where I’m from. She’s beautiful though her growth is slow and steady. She struggles through development now but her future stays bright because her resources and prospects abound. I was to be a part of that growth and trust me; it’s the right way to go. I’m positive………..wait a second, someone’s at the door. My friend just walked in. The cold air from outside sent a shiver through my body. I smiled and indeed it made me re-affirm that when the time eventually comes, I would definitely go back home.

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