Anonymously Ade said…..

Lady, You make me laugh. It seems you ooncede that your fears of financial insecurity was the “greatest” (keyword: greatest) reason why you walked away–Not saying that there might not be other reasons, but it’s obvious that it’s the greatest premise for your exit. Be that as it is, you should not get so angry Continue Reading

My ex-Temi!

We met just about this time couple of years ago. He was really nice to me and sometimes I wonder whether leaving him was the best way out. We never had any fights or major issues, he was quick to apologise and he was hardly ever mad at me. Sometimes I liked it, other times Continue Reading

I Need A Hug!

Hey peeps,hope your week is kicking off on a great note.Just chilling and waiting for stuff to fall into place.I’m smiling a bit more now.By the way,I saw best friend for a minute yesterday and got a really warm hug.Nothing much has changed but i’ve been getting all the love in the world from my Continue Reading

Best Friend!

Best friend said it all….he admitted that he was withdrawing. I know I have my faults too but I didn’t do so much for him to hurt me so. He has his reasons. He hasn’t told me much but I know enough to let go. I know enough to let him be and sought himself Continue Reading


Today, I decided to start taking it really easy on myself. It’s not my fault that I have suddenly become so emotional and if fact vulnerable. Well, maybe it is .Anyways; I had a long chat with best friend today. Well, considering the fact that we have barely spoken in days, I regard it as Continue Reading