Broken Pieces of Me!

What is this I see? Oh it’s a reflection,Its blur…its vague…wait! Now I think I seeI see something, my eyes, they look sad but it’s meWhat I see is my reflection, staring at meBehold a splitting image of what used to be meWhat happened to me, how long have I been gone?Wait a second, its Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I dedicate this songTo the one who bears the sweetest nameAnd adds lustre to the sameWho shares my joy who cheers when sadThe greatest friend I’ve ever hadLong life to her cos there’s no otherThat can take the place of “dear mother”


Lately, I have derived pleasure from a lot of weird stuff. Lately I have I done and enjoyed the things I thought I wouldn’t do. Lately I have had loads of hurdles to cross and I’m crossing them slowly but surely. Lately I have formed new bonds and lately these are some of the things Continue Reading