Please Read!

SUBJECT:!!!!BLACK PEOPLE, PLEASE, READ & HEED. POIGNANT. The sad thing about this article is that the essence of it is true. The truth hurts. I just hope this sets more Black people in motion towards making real progress. Chris Rock, a Black comedian, even joked that Blacks don’t read. Help prove them wrong! Read and Continue Reading


She’s a very beautiful young woman, full of life, very adventurous and absolutely adorable. She had loads of dreams and aspirations. We made plans, yes several plans for our immediate future. Then one day, she made a decision, and that single decision changed everything. I heard she was Nigeria, I also heard it happened in Continue Reading

I want to go home!!!

Sometimes I can’t help feeling enslaved to this gadget called the mobile phone. This morning for instance, just when I was at the prime of my sweet sleep, I heard a sharp and loud beep that left me awake instantly. It was another text message on my phone and this time it was even from Continue Reading

The Amateur Blogger!

Hello my people!I cant help wondering on what side of the bed i woke up this morning but all i felt was this insane desire to visit my Aunty Bella and Funmi Iyanda’s blogs to know what they had to say today.Iguess thats where my inspiration came from o.Alas i thought to give myself a Continue Reading