Makari Rose Gold Collection Review

6 thoughts on “Product Review – Makari Rose Gold Collection”

  1. Go makari!!! Go lightscameraand cheeks!! This is
    @ifynulyn on IG. I’ve always known makari to be nice
    products cos my roomie uses it and its soo cool on her.
    I wantt too ?

  2. I’m already obsessed with these products cos i believe in
    their originality which makes it very effective. For my
    acne and dark spot, i sure would go for makari Rose Gold
    collection. Well done guys @ makari x lightscamera andd

  3. I’ve known Makari to be an awesome
    product cause my friend makes use of it
    but the only problem I have is that it’s
    expensive and for someone that’s not
    working like me yet cause I’m in stream 2
    of my NYSC batch I can’t take ups job and
    quit it soon cause it’s unfair to somebody
    else who needs it also and has time for it.
    My parents won’t even look at that side
    sef. I’m just hoping for a miracle cause
    this heavy dicolouration on my neck is
    not a sexy or appealing thing for the eyes

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