Hello my people!I cant help wondering on what side of the bed i woke up this morning but all i felt was this insane desire to visit my Aunty Bella and Funmi Iyanda’s blogs to know what they had to say today.Iguess thats where my inspiration came from o.Alas i thought to give myself a suprising birthday present.I have oficially decided to start my own amateur blog.Surprsingly sha,i barely know what to talk about but i’m sure that with i’ll catch up and be able to laugh about the day i started.At the moment i’m battling with adding a bit of colour at least and beleive me all this html language and templates are not exactly easy.I’m determined to pull it off at all cost though so please i’d be needing all the help,support and advice i can get.Remember,its my birthday gift and i dont think its too much to ask.Thanks a lot for una anticipated co-operation.

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