She’s a very beautiful young woman, full of life, very adventurous and absolutely adorable. She had loads of dreams and aspirations. We made plans, yes several plans for our immediate future. Then one day, she made a decision, and that single decision changed everything. I heard she was Nigeria, I also heard it happened in London. They said she might be in Ghana yet no one has seen or heard from her. Without a doubt, she had fallen prey to them that would do anything for money. If only I could see her now, then I’d ask her why. Why she agreed to put her dreams on hold. Why she agreed to trade her freedom even if they had promised her the world. I’ve waited day and night and have prayed each passing day for that minute when she will come back. Back in circulation, back to her senses, back to reality and back to life. Will she be alright? Is she alive? How is she keeping up? Why did she do it? I’m dying for answers because even in her absence, I worry about her so much, too much. If only I knew where to visit her, maybe it won’t hurt this bad. If only she had been more patient, if only she had sought for advice in the right places, if only she kept her head up and avoided the wolves of this society…….if only! My dearest friend, I’ve missed you so much and you absence has left a vacuum in our hearts. I pray that your pleasant and kind spirit will see you through. Nigerians are known to be survivors and I believe that you won’t disappoint me at least not again. Please stay strong for me and I want you to know that I am looking forward to that day when you will be set free. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST FRIEND!!! ]]>

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