​Nura Afia; First Hijab-wearing Cover girl

​Nura Afia; First Hijab-wearing Cover girl Nura Afia is the latest cover girl, and also the very first Hijab-wearing Cover girl. The 24 year old American based beauty blogger, noted for her online success on YouTube, has over 215,000 subscribers. Her tutorials, geared towards teaching her fellow Muslim women, how to be creative with makeup, gets as much as 13 million  views. Expressing her delight about working with Covergirl, Nura said “Frankly, I feel proud to be part of a movement that is showing the hijab in a positive light for once. The more of us who can wear them as representatives of these big household names on TV or billboards the better,” she said. “It is a reminder that the hijab can take us to amazing places, and not hold us back from achieving our wildest dreams like some people say it will. “These brands aren’t exploiting us. It’s more about including us and making us feel like we matter. It’s about them finally showing us that they know we are beautiful, too.” ​Nura Afia; First Hijab-wearing Cover girl Nura Afia’s has made history as the first Hijab-wearing Cover girl, and Covergirl cosmetics keeps breaking boundaries, as they’ve  also recently featured 17 year old James Charles, a talented young makeup guru, as the first male CoverGirl. I love how the CoverGirl brand promotes diversity, with a strong message; that there is beauty in every size, colour, gender, race and religion.]]>

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