4TH Lagos Makeup fair was everything I expected and more. LMUF4                       The MakeUp Fair Series is the largest gathering of industry practitioners created for networking for all beauty savvy professionals and makeup lovers. The event held on Sunday, the 21st of June 2015 at the Classique Events place in Ikeja.

Pops Concepts and Q21 Solutions collaborated on this edition of The 4th Lagos MakeUp Fair Series.

LMUF4 BANNER                       As usual, there was a showcase of a variety of makeup and beauty brands/Professionals. GELE AT LMUF4 THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (18) LMUF4 LMUF4 LMUF4 LMUF4 zaron at THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR Giftys daughter at LMUF4 stella addiction at LMUF4       Eeeerrrm….She can thread? Stella is my hero! (I am sooooo jealous…LOL) This year, the event was very organized. The major highlight was the much anticipated first ever makeup runway in Nigeria. It was a fun event and it’s really nice to see the Nigerian beauty industry growing and taking over. Kudos to Pops Concepts and the entire LMUF4 team! nsure beauty at LMUF4 glamosphere at LMUF4 LMUF4 MAKEUP MAKEUP ARTISTS AT LMUF4 beauty cook at LMUF4 dave sucre at LMUF4 GLAMOSPHERE BEAUTY MAKEUP IN NIGERA NGOZI EZEKA OSEWA AT LMUF4 MAKEUP IN LAGOS LMUF4 BEAUTY THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (48) MAKEUP IN NIGERIA             The Artist showed of their talents and the models batted their lashes on the runway. LMUF4 NIGERIA  THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (42) LMUF4 RUNWAY RUNWAY MAKEUP AT LMUF4 MAKEUP RUNWAY LMUF4 LMUF4 RUNWAY BEAUTY COOK AT LMUF4 NGOZI OF JAGA BEAUTY AT LMUF4 DAVE SUCRE AT LMUF4 JIDE OF ST. OLA ATLMUF4 THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (6) THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (9) THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (10) CHEEKS MAKEUP ARTIST JIDE OF ST. OLA FUNKE GIFTY'S DAUGHTER LMUF4 selfie at LMUF4   Omobola Miss Glamosphere at LMUF4 makeup revolution nigeria at LMUF4 THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (8) Zaron presentation at LMUF4 THE 4TH LAGOS MAKEUP FAIR (26) Fred Kuro at LMUF4 Dave Sucre and Cheeks at LMUF4 LMUF4                 ]]>

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