5 things you should know before getting your first Spa Treatment.

I’ve always loved the thought of getting pampered but for some reason, it has never occurred to me to book any treatment beyond my regular mani-pedi.

Luckily i was gifted a full treatment at the Tirtayu Spa in Lekki, Lagos and the experience quite interesting.

By the way, Tirtayu is an Indonesian word for ‘beautiful waters’ and you definitely get that entire vibe when you get in.

I was greeted with a bow by an Indonesian lady dressed in the traditional kimono and ushered in to the reception.

While i was waiting for my treatment, i was served hot ginger tea and it was really soothing.

Soon as i got into the room, they washed and scrubbed my feet and we had a brief meditation session. I had a deep tissue massage, an orange body scrub and a body polish. It was a very relaxing 2-hour session so i didn’t even notice it was that long.

I totally enjoyed the experience and i thought to share these 5 major tips regarding getting a treatment if you intend to.

1. Relax – Its a treatment and not a job interview so dress down and get comfortable. I am personally quite body conscious so i was a bit worried about the process but the masseuse made me relax and as soon as i got into it, i realized i was actually getting a treat and there was nothing to worry about.

2. Naked – Yes i was asked to take off all my clothes and given a disposable underwear and a cover cloth which you can use to cover up if need be.

3. You are in control – Ensure you communicate so they know preferences. I asked to turn off the AC when i was cold, i asked my masseuse to go easy on my neck during the massage and i even went to the rest room in the middle of my treatment (LOL). Bottom line, it’s your call so feel free to take charge.

4. Take time out – The entire process including my manicure and pedicure took a good 3 hours or a little more. I didn’t think it will take that long so i suggest you take the day off if you can, cos it takes time plus you may want to relax afterwards.

5. Enjoy it – My skin feels great and i feel rejuvenated from the experience. I totally enjoyed every bit of the experience and i’m sure if you visit the right Spa, you will enjoy it too.

What are your experiences? What Spas have you visited. I could totally get used to this life so hook a sister up.😜

Lots of love 💋


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