6 quirks?

So while i was just chilling and stalking blogs…Funmi decided to tag boring me.Here’s my shot at the 6 Quirks.Not sure i’m on track but…Hey!
1.I Dont watch horror movies.Too danm scary for me and I have a very imaginative mind so one horror movie equals 2 weeks of sleepless nights 2.I don’t like pets; not dogs,cats,..just name it.Not sure if its some sort of phobia but it’s a no no for me…..Sorry Truth you know i love your baby…he, oh sorry, she is an exeption…lol 3.I’m so vain and I guess that’s why I love pictures.Have loads on facebook so catch me if you can! 4.I’m very emotional and cos i bottle up a lot of my feelings it eventually comes out in a lot of tears especially when i’m alone.
5.I’m absolutely hard to annoy and i’m never quick to react but i just discoverd about a week ago that i could have violent tendencies….sad!I really do have to watch that cos its such a shame.
6.I’m very unadventurous with food.I’m so bush as in,its pepper in my food or i havent eaten….well,i dey try small with chinese and pizza but thats the most i can do.Its naija food or nothing!
Now that i’m free i tag
Truth,Stella and Tej!
Hope you’re having a good week guys…..Cheers!

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