About Fifty – The Movie by Mo Abudu

Yesterday was one of those impromptu date nights with hubby and we decided to watch Fifty – The Movie by Mo Abudu. The much talked about film, is a Mo-Abudu piece featuring Ireti Doyle, Dakore, Omoni-Oboli, Nse Etim, Kemilala and others. There were also performances by Tiwa Savage and Waje. Firstly I’d like to say Ireti Doyle has to win all 2016 awards for best actress in a movie. I apologize for thinking she would always be the boring, sad and stuck up Sheila Ade Williams of Tinsel. I was so wrong because her character in ‘Fifty’ was fun, sassy, flirty, and I must not forget to add ‘daring’. Bottom line, she stole my heart with this one and I trust she would blow the minds of many. Nse also stepped away from the norm and played the very sweet, God fearing wife of a gambling husband. Dakore and Omoni-Oboli brought their A-games as well, and the entire production was top-notch. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen this movie, so I’d just say, it wasn’t a waste of my time. It was well worth my 700 naira at the Palms Lekki. Remind me to always watch a movie on Wednesday cos I think it’s really affordable. Why do they have only one popcorn stand though? The queue was long and annoying and I had to pass on the popcorn (I’m still very mad about that).  Fifty - The Movie by Mo Abudu. Okay, back to the movie, I wish the script writer told a story, cos it was almost like a docu-drama showing different facets of the life of four women at Fifty. Though there was an interesting revelation at the end, and a couple of seemingly happy endings, I still don’t see one major story line piecing all the clips together. Well, maybe that’s a good thing, but I just don’t get it. Yes, I like my good-old Nollywood stories, leave me like that…. Lol.

Nonetheless, Fifty the movie is a must-watch guys! See it, let’s know what you think.

Happy Holidays Cheeks ?]]>

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