About him!

It was about a year ago

the night we spoke till morning It wasn’t too hard to tell

He was indeed my kind.

But I had to play me

I watched for a little longer

he slipped; he fell short

Short of my stiff requirements so I shut him out

The gift that I so easily posses

I erased all possibilities and moved on

But he had to make a comeback

After so long, after too long

This time he was armed like never before

His words cannot be faulted

The spark is fire, the attraction is magic

His touch is Heavenly

His mind is beautiful

He isn’t perfect…He told me so

The details he could have left out but he chose not to

one of the many reason why I am even more endeared to him

Where it came from I do not know

but my very own emotions have engulfed me

I know I ought to take charge

But once again I can’t

I’ve broken all the rules in my own book ,even in theirs.

Why listen to them, they know not what I feel
Why trade my joy for the fear of tomorrow The tomorrow I barely know….they hardly know Yet they judge and predict; but who cares My feelings stay strong Devoid of every form of fear and negativity


All I know is me
All I feel is him
All I want…is THIS….THIS HAPPY ME!

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