Alicia's plight!….(Episode one)

I was right….he was staring at me

A glance that sets my soul on fire

There he was again….

A splitting image of perfection

The very culprit behind my fantasy

Behind this illicit craving I can no longer contain

I tried to speak….”What exactly is it about you?”

….The words melt in my mouth….

I take them back helplessly

I’m lost….taken by the mere sight of him

Taken by the curious look he gives encouraging me to go on,

Yet disapproving of such consent to captivity

Such willingness to be enslaved to his warmth

There he goes again….

Leaving me unsure of his stance…

But I know that look….He can’t disapprove of this

Perhaps he does….but maybe not completely

He doesn’t push me away…Yet he never stays

There he goes again…now walking away from me

Leaving me wanting….

Striving for that which is merely a dream

Hoping that he’d be back again….