Anonymously Ade said…..

Chika Replies:I find it rather interesting that I have a fan in you thanks to the fact that I decided to leave Temi or how else will I explain this new blog of yours on my page in the name of the series of your comments. I also happen to find it interesting that you think so much of yourself and your chauvinistic assault in the name of comments which is the reason why you have repeatedly tagged every reply from and my fellow bloggers and me as a display of anger.
I am elated that you noticed that I am proud to assert my accomplishments as a career woman but I can’t help wondering why you think it bothers me that I am wearing the shoes of the so called career men if I am so proud to announce it. it is a thing a pride Mr MAN not a burden because am sure that you have noticed it is something that certain people haven’t been able to achieve either by virtue of the constraints involved in their chosen profession or as a result of societal mishaps. So my dear, while you rant on and on bear in mind that I am neither tradition nor society and I certainly do not make the rules. It is not my fault that the likes of Temi decide to have a passion that in my own opinion can barely sustain the family. It’s his choice so he’d have to strive harder to live his dream and be ready to take all the downsides too. No doubt, I’d maintain that Temi might be interested in greener pastures if the opportunity came by but how much longer would I wait? Wait a minute…did u also say that he might have had financial break through in his profession if I stuck with him through his struggling years. Wake up dude! I said an actor in Nigeria not America. For your information, I have waited for 2 years during which I have dined and spoken with the best of them all and a common notion they all have is they must have a plan B.Being a successful Nigerian artist is definitely far-fetched whether you want to face it or not. I understand where your loyalty lies but I’d say it’s good to be patriotic but it’s so much better to be honest. I admire people who stand up for what they do as artists Nigeria because it takes a lot but if you do not belong to this class then forgive me for regarding your words as a lame attempt at modesty.
Finally……… who is not the angry and biased one actually asked if I had since married a banker?Hey yah! Pele o! Because you don’t have the privilege of seeing and knowing me, I’d forgive your misapprehensions. If you knew me then you’d know that if I was dying to be married I’d have settled for one out of the chains of the elite in the society that fall on top of themselves over my person and outstanding beauty. I never said that the only criteria was having a steady job, it would have just been the factor that would have complemented the many other attributes I found in Temi.Lets me repeat myself, I want a man that will support me and I’ll support him too. I never have thought that this simple statement would be so difficult to understand. Raising the family is a 50-50 thing so I want me and my future partner to be able to do it together in any capacity.
One more thing, I’d like to remind you that this is my space so while I respect that the fact that people can pass comments, I’d appreciate it if you minimize the length of your comments because this is the last time I would grant you this audience that you prize so much so that you actually reminded me to air it at the end of your comment.
If you are so opinionated and you are dying to tell us your views on traditional, socital and gender issues, then I suggest you start your own blog and quit this invasion of my space. Please don’t forget that I would still welcome your disapprovals but I would only take your comments if they are moderate and devoid of all forms of sarcasms. Thank you.

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