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Hey peeps, I apologise for going away without a warning. I might have been away but my mind was here all the while. I read a few blogs and shared the jokes plus i still learnt a few stuffs. I have really missed being out here and I’m so happy to be back. So what’s popping; what I missed out on?ps gist this run away blogger abeg.
Now let’s talk a bit about my being away. Well, first it was work. It was training and then Work Work Work! For me this was so different from everything I have ever done cos I had to deal with the elderly and disabled. It’s amazing how you derive so much contentment putting a smile on their faces by getting them where they want to go. Well my department is dial- a- ride and my mission is to schedule trips using a soft ware called trapeze. Speaking with this people is quite challenging cos u have to battle with trying to hear them and making sure you are understood. You also have to contend with their different disabilities ranging from deafness to just blurry speech as a result of old age. some of them really sweet and prayerful and they need you to keep chatting with them cos u are their only link to the outside wolrd.others are stuck on their old ways and are really difficult and nasty especially when you cant get them a journey. I love it when I can help them and they are prayerful and really nice. Some of them go as far as telling you the state of their health and that they have a dying husband they must visit. It’s been a really emotional journey for me but I love what I do and I am happy with my job.

Then it was holiday in Nigeria. My cousin got married and I was home again for a week loved every bit of it and I got back two days late to work. Hope I survive my probation cos he no easy my people. I love naija too much and even though my stay was really short I was happy I went plus I made my hair. It s a very pretty Sade adu and every naija woman on the road is stopping me to ask where I did my hair. Fancy that?

Next, it was moving….so I have moved from my shared house to a really cute studio not far from work and school. I’m still putting my place together and will put up pictures when I’m done. I’m really enjoying my privacy now but it’s not for too long cos my friend Latoniapam is in from Nigeria tomorrow and she’ll b here for 3 weeks. I can’t wait to see her though cos it’s been so long.

Finally, it was school. I had exams and I only just finished a couple of days ago. I did my best and I’m happy the sleepless nights are over; I can’t wait to just chill out this weekend. So that’s that about boring me jare .Thanks to all the peeps that kept checking on me while I was away. You lot make me feel so loved. Please update me sha and I’d keep you posted on my naughty self as well. Anyway I’m having a really relaxed day at work today so I thot that as my sweet madsoulsista says: “I shall blog now, or forever bitch abooooooooooorit.”]]>

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