Beauty essentials for dry skin

It’s the beginning of the year and a perfect time to update your skin routine with some essentials. If you have dry skin like mine, then keeping your skin hydrated should be your utmost priority this season.

Here are some of the items I included in my daily skin care routine to stay ‘harmattan ready’ and keep my skin glowing.

R & R Shea Oil

The R&R shear oil is top on the list because it’s a must have this season. I use it all over my body, especially on my feet to reduce to dryness and protect my skin from the harshness of the harmattan. No matter the body moisturizer I use, I must apply the R&R Shea Oil for extra shine.

My Cetaphil moisturizer is also needed for sunscreen and hydration.

Coconut oil is great for the hair and lips but it’s also great for the skin.

Clarins Skin Care is my official new skin care favorite. My skin feels supple and refreshed day and night. It’s definitely worth the hype and every penny spent.

Lastly Rose water is great for the skin and this little splash bottle of rose water feels great on the skin and helps give you instant rehydration.

What are the items you added to your daily routine lately’? Do Share.

Lots of Love💋


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