Before 30 TV Series

I think it was around Valentine’s week when we got this lovely goodie bag at work. It was meant for my boss, but as usual, I had the privilege of unveiling the contents.

Before 30 TV Series

Apart from the chocolate and a rose, there was also a DVD of the Before 30 TV Series.

There was also a sweet little note from the producer complimenting our luxury store and saying that my boss reminded her of the main  character in the TV Series called Temi. Before 30 TV Series Curious to watch Temi, my boss ( who by the way never watches TV) grabbed a laptop and we had our first experience of the before 30 TV Series.

Before 30 is a drama series showcasing four lovely ladies and their relationship struggles. It highlights family pressures and the anxieties of getting married before the age 30 timeline.

Before 30 TV Series Damilola Adegbite plays the lead character called Temi Coker but my dear boss prefers to be Nkem, the suave confident lady who knows what she wants in a man. The production of this drama series is top notch and the storyline kept us captivated through out. We loved it and I even watched it a second time.

The Before 30 TV series premiers on DSTV tonight and you shouldn’t miss it. See details below.



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