Best Friend!

Best friend said it all….he admitted that he was withdrawing. I know I have my faults too but I didn’t do so much for him to hurt me so. He has his reasons. He hasn’t told me much but I know enough to let go. I know enough to let him be and sought himself out as he has put it. I’m pained and he knows it. I’m not sure if he can imagine the depth of his actions but I know that deep down inside he knows that he has hurt me. He says he’ll make up for his actions and I don’t know how cos I’d never forget this phase. He turned his back when I needed him most. He let me down even when it came to very little things. He betrayed, our love, our friendship, our bond. Best friend, I hope you know what it is you are doing and I hope it’s worth our friendship. What happened to the days when you used to jokingly tell me it was just both of us from our parents? Have you forgotten so soon that we were meant to have each other’s back thorough thick and thin? Remember how I laughed each time you said that you’d cook me owo soup to make me happy if that’s what it takes……Why, how, when did it all go wrong?…its really hard without you but I’m a fighter and I know I’d be fine. I hope you are happy cos you deserve it, we all do. I still miss you a lot and wish you only the good things in life. Goodbye my dearest!

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