It’s hard to tell just what’s running through your mind Still I wonder, I can’t help it very much It explains the many times I keep asking you why So many times I’ve marveled at just how u dare to be evasive When u can tell it’s such a struggle for me trying to figure this out Why do u attempt to convince me its fine, when I know it’s not Behind this beautiful scenery lies the mystery that has sets my heart racing “What you don’t know, your heart doesn’t fret”…Who says? I’m petrified by this bit I do not know… I’m taken aback by the fact that you hold on to it so Sometimes I feel like you’d let it go But then I’m convinced you want it to stay “the unknown” So much so you are willing to pay the price…

to keep me in the dark and keep us apart Still you love me; you say it over and again The very part of this dilemma I do not understand! ……..I love you too…trust me I do But I can no longer meddle with these I can’t comprehend So every time you don’t hear from me… It’s not cos I don’t miss you, I do boo… more that ever Every time I don’t take your calls It’s not cos I’m fine without you …I’m actually dying to hear your voice

So now that I’m no longer there, it’s not cos I don’t think about you
I’m only learning to deprive you of that which you have deprived me ]]>

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