Broken Pieces of Me!

What is this I see? Oh it’s a reflection,
Its blur…its vague…wait! Now I think I see
I see something, my eyes, they look sad but it’s me
What I see is my reflection, staring at me
Behold a splitting image of what used to be me
What happened to me, how long have I been gone?
Wait a second, its all coming back……. He said he’d never leave me, he promised.
Day and night he was there. He held my hands. No…
I remember…….he took me in his arms he……
He was my best friend in need and also in deed.
But why, why were we crying, why was he sad
I said I was leaving; it made him feels so bad
I had to go, he said he’d look out for me, he said he’d always be there. I tried to stay strong, my God I did. I had to be strong
I promised I’d be. I was his angel, his stronghold
I couldn’t afford to fall short and so I gave it my best.
It was too much for me, I was falling apart, it was so hard, too hard.
He said he’d be there for me, he said he’d catch me when I fall.
He lied, he watched me fall into a thousand pieces, into this broken me.
Why did he change….He said he’d never leave me, he promised. I have longed endlessly for a smile that only he can bring
I have asked myself why I miss him so helplessly
I have waited for him to pick me up and tell me he’s not gone
My heart couldn’t take it any longer so I became this depressed me
My eyes are sad but I know they will be brighter by the day
I hate what I see but it strengthens me, I want to see a beautiful me
I can’t wait to be myself again; I’d get there, slowly but surely.]]>

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