Counting down to my Buffday!

Well, the whole examination drama is over
And now yours truly can just Chiiiiiiiilllllllll out!
Can’t believe that it’s finally over
And you sure don’t know how happy I am
I’m overwhelmed, exited, elated, ecstatic….just name it
I mean all words that simply mean happy! So here I am at work for the last time on a Saturday (Had to swap Wednesdays for Saturday cos of bloody Lectures)
Staring at my pc with nothing to do but fantasize bout next week
Yes, my birthday week is next week
I look forward to it and hope it goes as planned
I’ve got dreams that I don’t have the means to fulfil
Crazy it seems…if only wishes were Horses….
I’d sure do my fair share of riding
But I hope and pray it comes to pass
I deserve it for all the reasons in the world
It’s about time I do me and live this dream
Will keep you posted on what I have up my sleeves
Not to worry its nothing order than me being my naughty self
Hope you lot are having a great weekend,Just thot to stop by my favourite spot. Cheers

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