Dear Diary…”I Can’t Breath”

I have a lot on my mind but there are no words to describe how I feel. My emotions are all over the place. Like I took a lethal cocktail of sadness, anger and sheer misery. The Pandemic, insecurity, Now rape and brutal killings?

 And it all keeps coming in successive sessions like they are on a mission to outshine each other. Is it ever going to stop. 

I want to support the people but What do I say?  My words are stifled by very own hopelessness. I don’t know what do but I know we need to do something. 

Something more than post a black picture in solidarity this Tuesday, because today is Wednesday and the wounds are still fresh. 

Let’s make it stop! Make it all go away. PLEASE!!! I can’t breath! 
This is the diary of Miss Cheeks. 


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