I’m so excited that I finally filmed my first ‘get ready with me Youtube video. Mehn! I don’t mind doing videos but it’s not easy o. In fact, this particular one, was such a hassle. Pheeew! Well, the truth is that Jamjam (hubby) has always helped me record in times past, so recording by myself with my iphone wasn’t much fun. However, being the die-hard chick that I am, I managed to pull it off. I even had to take out some clips cos they turned out blurry but I came up with something nonetheless. get ready with me - eye makeup tutorialKindly Watch this ‘get ready with me’ YouTube video by yours truly. The makeup tutorial showcases, eye shadow application, brow filling and highlighting.   Please kindly let me know what you think but bear in mind that, I’m a learner o. (LOL) Don’t forget to subscribe and give me a ‘thumbs up’ if you like the video. Chat real soon. Much Love Cheeks    ]]>

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