Goodbye Bee!

What do you want from me…Why are you loitering around my space?
I could have fallen for it you know, I could have waited again but I am grown up.
She’s gone now. The kid you loved, that little kid, so naïve so gullible, so blind
This time I’m smarter, yes I have the amour from the lessons only experience could teach
I was on guard, I watched you, I was wary…I so knew that trick, it couldn’t have worked for me
Not a second time.
I saw the signs and I knew it was time
Its was time to beat you to your own game, just when you were lurking in your comfort zones
I know you were shocked, cold feet was the term you used but I sure know I took you off guard
You are a bloody time waster hiding under the guise that I had no time for you
The convenient lifestyle of mine that you loved, that you hoped will always be your way out
It was your escape route while you bought more time. More time to hide behind the shadows of trying to
Shield your incompetence, your inability to move on and your failure to be real man
What is going through you mind now, why are you taken aback by that which you couldn’t give?
I got your message and it made me laugh….I could feel the defeat in your tone…
If only you knew….Maybe you won’t make such a mockery of yourself

I remember your offer to move in with you…as what?

As what?So i could share your bills,cook your meals?warm your bed?

Nice try…but you you’d have to come up with a better strategy next time

Why….why were you mad that like so many others i didnt jump at it?

I know my worth babes…and i’m not cut out for that crap.

Not over nothing….and certainly not with you

I’m glad that I never gave you the chance to devastate me again
I’m glad that I achieved all I could and didn’t give you the opportunity to stand in my way
I’m glad that I showed you the way out just at the right time…
I’m so glad that you’re gone.

Goodbye Bee!


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