Her Story 2008!

She remembers you, can’t believe that you are gone ‘cos oh how she remembers you!
It was that January; the symbol of hope and the promise of a better day.
She closed the doors to 5 years, thought she deserved better so braced herself and began the chase, the race for a better day. Then came February, her very own month of birth
Everyday was a fairy tale. The ‘water bearer’ and ‘Aquarian has never known greater joy
She had enough of it all. It was joy, peace, friendship, love and fun at its best. Happy days that continued in the month of March even more so that Fab holiday back home
Joy from the unending the calls and anticipation of a return to open arms
Open arms it was in April but this bliss was uncertain.
Too many questions and an endless wait for ‘Answer’ to knock on her door. It was a long wait from May even until June.
Then she couldn’t, she couldn’t help it anymore. So she went in the direction she had gone several times before. She had heard that unmistaken voice again.
The needy cry of a voice she had always harkened to; the voice of one that was always there and refused to let go of her hands ‘cos he knows she’s always be there. They were best of friends, her brother from another mother; cat and dog but they wiped each other’s tears. She had premonition so she prepared and thought she was ready for the day, the day when things would change.
Until then, she would stay happy and make the most of the June, a month of celebrations and pleasant memories that linger till date. July came with the Rubicon, the bond was broken and it was time, about time to part ways!
The hardest goodbyes are the ones said with very little words…
She was shaken but strength came from a better day! That day January had promised but forgot to prepare her for.
Yes January forgot to tell her that amidst these many promises, there would be words unkempt and goodbyes that would sadden her very heart. August came with a breath of fresh air and gave her Norway; it gave her fun in Africa but still it gave her emotions going back and forth.Then she found her comfort zones in a friend and partner in crime. She was happy again. She could laugh, even so loud, that despair made its way home and gave way to the opening of closed doors
. September and October were days to take the chance and seize opportunities.
Someone took a chance and squeezed his way back to a favourite spot, one that not even distance could take away from him. So once again a new bond was formed but with so many doubts and unclear expectations. The present seemed fine judging from endless conversations on the phone but the trick of reality would lie on time spent when and if eventually they do! November had its fair share of surprises some were pleasant and some disappointed her but strength had become her middle name so she bothers no more.Especially not about a friend so quick to paint her black despite the love she had for her or the one that thought to give the silent treatment despite her trying to make amends, she stopped caring especially about the one who the tagged her the enemy even after her kindness in a time of financial need.
She has resolved to put herself in the forefront at all times for the first time. December became her Hero so she refers to him as a man. He gave her confidence like never before,
Whilst they searched for a way, he gave her choices,
Whilst they prayed for one lucky day, he gave her countless opportunities. Even when she missed the little games with J, She was surprised by an inexplicable connection with a stranger she called X.X turned out to be a buddy, a friend, a fairy tale; he gave her companionship she best describes as a mystery. Unlike many, X says he can’t be there always but when he is, he promises perfection emanating from alliance with a higher being. Ordinary people don’t make such impressions so she holds on to the smile he’s left in her heart in anticipation that sometime soon he’d pass through again, to leave soon after but leaving her with yet an even bigger smile. Finally she has assurance from TM which she never leaves out of her prayers, a reminder of his undying commitment despite her inconsistence. How Queer! But it was December, December thought her that some people are and will always be Heaven Sent! December stood for her victory as she was doing just fine with all the love that surrounded her. She was right where she wanted to be. Indeed, 2008 came at her in so many colours so she thought to send messages to 2009. On seeing January she said ‘Hold me and please prepare me better this time’. She asked to retain this smile on her face and continually keep her promise of better days. She said to tell February that she will always be her favourite and she believes that she will always bring the warmest wishes and a great time.

She asked of March that same jolly feeling but this time in anticipation of love that’s guaranteed She’d like to remind April that plans have been made so she mustn’t fail She’s so expectant of May and will grace her coming even from ‘day one’ with a celebration of life and a success story She wants June to know that she still has a premonition but this time it’s about good tidings and the News that would gladden the hearts of many She begs July to be kind and easy on her this year for she stands prepared but not for sad goodbyes but only for joyful days She knows that August is a comforter and will give so many more places to go, but not just for succour but so that she may explore the beauty of the world

She prays that September and October will be her companions and promise unconditional friendship. Bonds will be strengthened and even more closed doors will become ajar.
She patiently awaits November’s surprises but this time she asks that they all be pleasant. She asks to retain ‘Strength’ as her middle name but this time she begs to be at peace with all persons.
To December, she says thank you again knowing he will live up to expectations and round up her year with the fulfilment of all that she desires. She thanks him for the being the Hero and the one who be there to Congratulate her for triumph over the many lessons of her everyday life in 2009!

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