Holiday Wishlist: Inglot Freedom Palette


The Inglot Freedom Palette is Number one on my wish list this holiday season.

Jokes apart; I have been seeing it in my dreams at night o. These bright colours have been haunting me since I set my eyes on them.

It’s called the freedom Palette because you can mix and match colours and voila!…you have have your perfect lip pallete. You actually have over 90 colours to choose from (Just Imagine), so i can go from pinks to nudes to vampire…etc. Pheeeeeew

Holiday Wishlist: Inglot Freedom Palette Inglot Freedom Palette I have to visit Inglot Cosmetics Nigeria at The Palms Mall Lekki really soon to get mine. You should get yours too. Finally, if you’ve been having a hard time thinking about a present for me, I just made your life easy]]>

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