I'm Back!

Hey people, long time no blog. Well I actually got back from Nigeria about three weeks ago and I can’t believe that I haven’t even blogged for that long. Anyway, I had a blast back home and in a very short while I actually toured quite a bit. The peak of my fun ride was an impromptu visit to Abuja with three of my friends just because I had to be at a function to represent my mum. The whole journey from the flight to and fro was so much fun I didn’t feel like coming back to Lagos not to talk of this boring London. Abuja is so beautiful and I loved every minute of my one day trip. Plus it was kinda nice getting blokes to pay for our drinks including the hotel room we stayed. It was like we invaded that town. Before we made a move to pay for anything there was always a bloke to rescue us. I never saw that side of naija men tho. But I guess that comes from four chicks hanging out by themselves. The next morning, I was really tired before my flight that I was dozing off before the driver came and my friend pradahot took a picture of tired me which I have decided to put as my display picture.
Back to the present…..hmmm…..i have hardly had time for me since I got back cos trust be my life has been everything but boring. I’ve got two friends from Nigeria staying with me and they are on holiday till the end of this month. It’s been fun tho but I didn’t even realize how much I have been entangled in all this. I’ve had endless visitors and this time I just felt like running to blogland where I can actually breathe. Well I can’t complain much cos I’d rather have company than be bored in this town. Anyway now that I have officially returned, I’d save the gist for later cos this babe has to go to bed. I have to be up early tomorrow cos I have a date at the big house….will let you into the details tomorrow. Hope you lot didn’t miss me too much sha………….just kidding oh. I’m more than happy to be back tho. Kisses and hugs.]]>

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