My Inglot Freedom Palette

My favorite Inglot freedom palette is back and I can’t wait to rock it until it’s out! Yes, I finally went to Inglot at the palms, Lekki. I recall the first time I came across the Inglot brand. It was the last day of my honeymoon in South Africa and I was doing my final rounds at the mall. Alas, I saw a store with so much colourful makeup, I couldn’t help but go in. It was makeup heaven. The attendants were so helpful and I even got 25% off my purchase because I am a makeup artist. It seemed too good to be true. My already broke ass still got the best makeup deal and eyeshadows I have enjoyed using over the years.

You can imagine my joy when I heard they were coming to Lagos. My favorite thing was the Inglot freedom eyeshadow palette and I had to refill.

I got there before 9am so the store wasn’t open but I could see through the glass doors. There were two girls in the store, and one was kind enough to come out tell me to wait for 20minutes until it 9am. I said I was only getting 3 or 4 refills but it was their policy so I waited until the doors opened at 8.55am. ( all these Oyibo shops and plenty rules sha…lol) The store was beautiful and colourful as expected. There was even 20% off some items only in the month of February. My eyeshadows were still full price though! (Squeezing my face) (Inglot Freedom Palette Inglot Freedom Palette I wanted to try out colours I didn’t have previously and the friendly attendant tried to help with picking these. Inglot Freedom Palette Inglot Freedom Palette (null) Inglot Freedom Palette The not-so-friendly attendant kept doing her makeup and hardly contributed to our conversation. The only time she spoke up was when I asked if I was even allowed to take pictures (after taking a couple already…lol) . She was very quick to say No! I immediately asked if she was the manager and thankfully, she said No. I actually had a good time at the store, apart from the unfriendly attendant who should have smiled at least once or help out her colleague when she struggled with helping me out. (Yes I’m a needy customer and I can do with a bit of attention…lol) So i managed to revamp my old palette that looked like this (null) To my new Inglot palette that now looks like this….I need one more abi? Inglot Freedom Palette Loving the colors, love the makeup, love the store but wish I had better service and attendants who would make me want to buy more!]]>

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  • Wow, I like the looks of 104, 105 and 119. I was curious about the sultbe differences with the browns and peaches. It seems like some are nice for cool tones and other warm tones.