My Trip

I have been hoping to go on holiday with my friends for a long while so it was the 75% sale festival in Dubai and they were all going to come from Nigeria. I had just finished my final exams, it was my birthday week and I just needed a break .So being spontaneous me, I took time off work and got ready to join the girls.

On that day, I simply had everything to do and the time just kept flying. So I was late at everything, succeeded in missing my flight and had to pay 400 pounds to get a new ticket cos I had to arrive on my birthday morning as planned. At first I was upset especially since best friend tried to mess up, but later I just thought I’d do anything to get out of this London. ….Fly Emirates is quite a nice flight tho, don’t know why I thought it was just going to be crap but it was really comfortable.

I arrived the city of Gold at about Dubai time. Luckily my T-Mobile roamed automatically so I just got in touch with the girls and they told me how to get to the hotel right in the heart of the gold Market. So it was all cakes, presents, hugs and kisses but I was so tired I had to sleep. Thankfully the girls went out I so I got some rest. Pradahot and her friend Ola were still on the flight from Nigeria that day and I was really looking forward to seeing them. After resting for a while, I headed for city mall with my girls to at least to buy myself a birthday gift. I bought me a really nice wristwatch and who did I see at the mall? Our very own Julius Agwu.Well after saying a very big hello and telling him it was my birthday, he paid for it. Its my Charm ….it works all the time. My peeps eventually came later that day; we had drinks, a good laugh and went to bed.

knThe day after my birthday, we visited a couple of resorts as part of my birthday treat from one of the girls (dudu) and it was so memorable. We took loads of pictures and we went home really knackered. The rest of my stay in Dubai was mostly spent at the malls and I hardly slept cos the malls closed at midnight and before we get back to the hotel, sort out our stuff, it was morning again. I think the fact that Dubai was four hours ahead of the UK didn’t help either so proper sleep was out of the question. I visited all malls and shopped till I was penniless. It was mad fun and contrary to what I thought, the people were quite nice. We didn’t get funny looks when we were all strolling down the streets. Even one the women all covered up actually told Ola she had a nice body. The cab men were more than happy to enlighten us about the city and by the way, let me introduce you to my new crush……well more like the prince of Dubai. He is the president’s son and also a famous musician in Dubai. His name is Fazal, he is handsome, rich and all the women love him. For some reason, all the cab men seemed to know that he walked at a certain park every evening. Unfortunately, we were too busy to go and check out the prince, who knows he might have added an African princess to his chain of women…..

I had the time of my life and writing about it even now makes me want to do it again……I’m so happy that things went as planned, I’m happy with my friends and even happier with myself.]]>

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