Oasis Med Spa Introduces Exilis Elite Weight Loss Therapy

Oasis Med Spa is one of Nigeria’s leading Corrective Skincare Clinics and Luxury day Spa. It is dedicated to offering therapeutic treatments that soothe the body while providing a completely relaxing, natural environment to its clients.

 Some of the services offered by Oasis Med Spa include: Facials, Acne and Trauma Scars, Dermapen, Exilite Laser Hair removal, Chemical peel, Massages, Body Scrub and many more.

Recently Oasis Med Spa Nigeria attained certification having acquired training on Exilis Elite, Lymphastim & Exilite IPL treatment from BTL Aesthetics.

[caption id="attachment_1723" align="alignleft" width="595"]Oasis Medspa Miss Frida Francis, CEO of Oasis Med Spa being issued BTL Aesthetics Certificate[/caption] Oasis Medspa BTL Aesthetics training day 3iii

BTL Aesthetics held its first Exilis & Exilite training in West Africa with the staff of Oasis Medspa in June, 2015. The BTL Exilite is a progressive IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology for Hair removal, Acne reduction and Skin rejuvenation procedures. It offers excellent regeneration enhancement using the principle of non-thermal effect of LED modulated light technology. The advanced cooling system makes the treatment gentle to the skin.

Exilis Elite Treatment (Fat reduction, Body Contouring & Skin tightening) represents the latest innovation and solution to target problem areas for women and men and it is now available at Oasis Med Spa with the assurance of its affordability and no risk of side effects.

Oasis Med Spa is also equipped other facilities including a board room and high class relaxation bar. It’s the first of its kind in Nigeria and definitely worthy of your patronage.
For info and enquiry, please visit www.oasismedspang.com or email[email protected]
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  • Good Day,
    i would like to know if the Exilis procedure can help me get rid of my excess hips and what it would cost me to get it done.