Our Independence Day

A beautiful country, blessed with a unique culture.
Indeed, this is a land that flows with milk and honey
But our resources are mismanaged by our own.
The political madness beclouds the entire nation,
While the people continue to hope in vain
Their hopes have withered in endless expectations
Sometimes, even I doubt this quest for a better Naija
Oftentimes, I fear it might never see the light of day
Corruption lingers and the majority continues to suffer
What has become of motherland? Our very own Nigeria
I love my country I no go lie….
I want to sing these words not holding back
It’s good to be patriotic but better to be honest.
This is not the Naija we pray and want it to be
So we must continue to hope, pray and do all we can
The struggle must continue and we cannot afford to give up.
No, not until the dream of a greater Nigeria is realized.
My people, lets join hands and fly the flag today and everyday.
Let me know if you need to borrow my t-shirt…….
Happy Independence Day!

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