Post Study Work…My Dilemma (Part ii)

Post study work policy guide clearly stated that in the event that the certificate had not been issued, a letter from the school would suffice but No, these people were bent on arguing with each other whilst I remained the victim of their confusion. I was grounded in the UK, my life was on hold because I couldn’t travel anywhere until the saga was resolved. It had been eight long months since I began the battle and I suddenly got tired. I lost the will to fight and my spirit of adventure left me. I could go on and on with them as I stood a very good chance since I had eventually received my certificate in the process, but even that which was meant to be a reminder that I would win the battle, constantly reminded me that I had completed my mission in that place. Yes, that place that I dreamed about until the very minute I got there. That place that I once felt lost in but eventually became my home. I can’t believe I thought of it as home. That city, called London that was once my favourite destination. Everyday was a new experience and every experience taught a lesson. The buses, the trains, the tube maps and even the long walks all played a role in my journey through the big city. Sometimes it was fun and laughter, it was satisfaction and peace but there were times that all I felt in that place was loneliness. I actually learnt the true meaning of that word in London….but I was used to it regardless. London had become a part of me until they deprived me of my freedom to travel around, especially to my very own Nigeria. Then it all became pointless, what exactly was I fighting for? Why did I have to imprison myself in that place, a society that has failed to welcome me even as an international student? Why was I struggling to be a part of people who were so willing to kick me out even though I had clearly obtained my degree? Who says I need two years of permission to work my ass off in their country before I started off my career? I was sick to my stomach of the several hearings with the so called judges and the home office representatives. I was sick of being stuck in the UK,I was sick of that place and all it had to offer, I was sick of that city I once loved, and at that moment in my life, I was certain that London had left me. How could I think of it as home…when it was clear that home was away? The 14th of May was my fourth and next hearing. I had bought my ticket back to Lagos for the 15th of May because my mind was made. My things were packed already and irrespective of the verdict, I was returning back to Lagos. The hearing actually turned out to be the same exhibition of ambiguous legal terms and a misinterpretation of their own` policies. I had nothing to add because I was done arguing with them. I just wanted to hear what and if they had any last words. Well just as I thought, they were just a bunch of time wasters who were themselves so confused and have lost track of the original basis of the arguments. Once again, the case was adjourned and unlike the times I cried because I wanted to get the bloody work visa over with and be able to visit home, this time I smiled because I was walking out of that place never to return. I realised I was never in bondage, I only chose to be the mercy of the home office. I was free at last. I had eventually set myself free. I retuned back to Nigeria on the 16th of May and I can’t really complain. I’m not sure about the things I miss in the UK but they are not very many. One thing is for sure though; I don’t miss the 550 pounds I had to pay monthly for my tiny apartment neither will I miss the cold and lonely winter. I made a couple of great friends that made my stay out there worthwhile and I miss my colleagues of two years of working at TFL. Saying goodbye wasn’t very easy, but sometimes it’s the key to your happiness. It was definitely the key to mine as home has become where my heart is. Things are even much better than they used to be. Well, there hasn’t been much light but hey…it’s my home, I’m loving it and I can only hope for the best. I start a new job on the 3rd of August and it’s about time because I’ve been playing and having fun since I got back. I will fill you in on that bit soon but for now…im getting ready for some seriousness and I thought to update you guys since I have been MIA for too long.
Thanks to all who have looked out for me and been wondering what eventually happened. It’s always a great feeling to be back here in blogsville…Watch this space!]]>

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