Pradahot's Birthday week!

Last weekend was mad fun. We went for a private party on Friday and went out proper raving on Saturday. We had loads to drink (free of course).What won’t the guys do for a group of hot chicks? Everyone wanted to offer us a ride home and we basically turned heads. It’s been a while since I had that kind of fun in London. Well the girls are on holiday so I must make the best of now.
Wow….I can’t even believe that I am just sitting here relaxing and typing this s blog. This is the first time I’ve had time to rest this week. It was my friend Pradahot’s (Uju) birthday so we were all busy throughout the week. We first had to dedicate a couple of days to shopping for what to wear and trust me, with five girls its pure madness. That out of the way, the real date of her birthday was Tuesday so we had a few friends over. I had to cook and it was a nice gathering but I also had to wake up tired to go to work the next day since I barely slept. The main party was planned for Friday and it was at my garden. I was so worried about my neighbours cos I knew it would be crowded even though we tried not to invite too many people. Preparing for the party was quite hectic cos we had to make arrangements for the dj, drinks, canopies and all sorts. At some point I was wondering if it was worth the drama but pradahot would do so much more if it was my birthday. The d-day came and for a long time I thought our party had flopped cos I kept looking into my garden and it was empty. Then suddenly it was loads of people and I can’t even explain where they came out from. The D.J was so annoying cos he played all the wrong songs but somehow we survived. Besides I had to keep control of the sound cos I didn’t want the police to come and tell us to turn it down. Good thing my neighbours quite understood.
We had a great time and pradahot was so happy that it all went well. I’ve been uploading pictures on face book all day and we have had a good laugh highlighting the happenings on the day of the party.

phone ringing……….It’s Booboo! By the way I saw him at the party and my heart skipped a beat. It was really nice feeling his warmth again. When I’m in his arms I’m assured that all is well. Why do I love him so? He says he is on his way to me but I’m at best friend’s house so I told him not to bother. I have a bit of studying to do and my house is definitely not the place for that. Wish I could have seen him though… but I guess..That’s the way the cookies crumble!

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