Princess Bimbos Makeover

Princess Bimbos Makeover was on of those impromptu bookings. I was happy when i got the call because it had been a while since i saw her and the girls.

Princess Bimbo’s daughter turned 5 on Sunday the 5th of July.  I was so glad to get her makeup done and be a part of the occasion.

The birthday girl, Lil miss Teni was super excited about her princess themed party and so was her baby sister. Mummy did a good job dressing up the girls and she looked really pretty herself. Wish i could have attended the party but my busy self had more work and the Sleek beauty party to attend. Heard Teni’s party was fun though.

Special thanks to Bimbo and Happy birthday to Lil princess Teni.

See pictures below. Princess Bimbos Makeover Princess Bimbos Makeover Princess Bimbos Makeover Bimbo’s big sis, Mrs O also got glammed by me. Tokunbo Oguchi Mama Cas  ]]>

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