Just got in into work and way too early if you ask me but what can I do? I have been warned to have two straight weeks without issues. No lateness, no sickness no issues. Well, it’s not like I always have issues but……….u know how it is. Anyway it’s exactly two week and I really didn’t come up with anything. Doesn’t that make me cute?

Lately, I’ve just been so disorganised. Had a crazy friend over for a week and it was pure madness. Was in the mall till late everyday cos all she came to do was shop and when we were back home? I had to handle the drama of her getting drunk and chatting away plus falling over floor. Yours truly virtually had to pick up after her and watch over her so she doesn’t set my house ablaze. Well, I really do like having friends around but this one friend is a handful so I’d rather have her once in a blue moon. I’m still cleaning up my house cos it’s yet to recover from the invasion of my dear friend. Back to business. My dissertation is due at the end of next month and trust me to be behind schedule. Now I have to get serious and get this whole Msc business over and done with for good. I need to be focused cos I’m so distracted and I wonder why cos its so unlike me. I suspect so many things but what exactly is wrong with me? Could it be that I am:
Too busy hanging out with the girls
Too lazy to do anything but lounge
Still trying to recover from too much fun in Naija over the Easter
Too lost in my own world
Too in love with him? No! It can’t be……
Well I know I am a bit head over heels but that can’t be it
It mustn’t be……….Now let me introduce you to my boo!
I’d like to call him……Just call him BOO BOO…It’s a long story
Catch you soonest. Peace!!!

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