Sleek Studio Skincare; Lightening or Bleaching?

sleek studio skincare

When I received the Sleek Studio Skin care range of products, the lightening skin collection caught my attention. Like many, what came to my mind was ‘bleaching cream by sleek studio’.

However, I recently came across a post by sleek studio NG that sheds more light on the Sleek Studio skin care collection and I thought to share. Here are ten things you should know about the Sleek Studio skin care range.

1. Sleek Studio skincare products do not bleach! They were made to naturally enhance your complexion by creating an even, radiant and fresh skin that becomes lighter and glowing. The products cannot make a dark skinned person lighter but it’s natural ingredients can safely make your complexion two to three shades lighter. Unlike most creams with harmful bleaching chemicals that smell bad, the Luxurious Sleek Studio Skincare Lightening Range actually smells great.

2. Sleek Studio Skincare range also works for skin problems like acne, oily skin, combination skin, ageing, dry skin, sensitive skin, hyper pigmentation, dark spots and mild sun burns.

3.Sleek studio skin care products consists of two ranges. These are the exfoliating series and the lightening series.

4. Both Ranges can be used together 5. Both ranges work together 6. The exfoliating series is the backbone of sleek studio skin care range. It enhances the effectiveness of the Lightening series. 7.All Sleek Studio Cleansers are soap free and do not contain sulphate that dries out the skin. 8.All the products are high quality but very affordable compared to similar products in other companies. 9. The managing director of Sleek Studio NG is a medical doctor with a diploma in dermatology and has done extensive research into the basic needs of African skin 10. The profit margin for wholesalers interested in retailing Sleek Studio Skincare range is generous and hence As lucrative business for interested parties. sleek studio skincare sleek studio skincare sleek studio skincare sleek studio skincare sleek studio skincare (null)]]>

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