Today, I decided to start taking it really easy on myself. It’s not my fault that I have suddenly become so emotional and if fact vulnerable. Well, maybe it is .Anyways; I had a long chat with best friend today. Well, considering the fact that we have barely spoken in days, I regard it as long. He thinks I’m irrational and simply reading meanings. He says he hasn’t changed a bit and I’m the one that’s being paranoid. He admitted that he must have wronged me by being insensitive and he apologised but told me that he never forgave me for pouring my drink on him the last time I saw him. I thought all of that was over but I guess we have to blame out escapades on something. The chat didn’t change much but I think I feel lighter after letting out all my thoughts.
I have been home all day still battling with this my job search thing. I can’t wait till all these applications yield results sef cos I’m tired of being home and wallowing in self pity…..
It’s almost my bed time and best friend wont even pick up his phone. I guess it’s another night without saying good night. I’m getting used to it now…….its our new trend……………why is my face still messed up?…..I have to start work as a babe o, so this rubbish had better disappear from my face………nyte nyte!]]>

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