Snow and Me!

Yesterday was a beautiful day for me. I actually woke up to the incessant beeping of my ever faithful mobile phone. loads of text messages, endless phone calls and……….well one gift sha.So what was the occasion o? Hurray! Miss amateur blogger became a year older and my gift to me was………THE DAIRY OF A NAIJA GIRL!
Well, as part of my routine before going bed, I checked the weather forecasts and as usual they had prophesied. They prophesied cold weather like never before. The worst in a decade and in fact the snow would be at least 10cm high. Not again I thought….then I want to bed matchmaking my warmest clothes for the next day in my head.
I could say it everyday and a thousand times at that. The one thing that I’d never get used to in this country is this cold assault in the name of winter. There are times when, I’m so cold that I cry and ask myself how I came up with this insane decision to be here…..
I reached for the window as soon as I got up and ….Wow!
The prophesy had come to pass. I gazed at the scenery before me. It was white, it was freezing but it was beautiful. For seconds, I stood in amazement and then I wondered, I wondered when I’d stop being dazzled by this awesome act of nature. Surprisingly I have seen it snow a number of times and every single time, it feels like magic. Why does this happen to me? could it be its heavenly colour that portrays such sanity amidst the chill, or maybe it is the fact that despite that freezing which I detest, there is this inner peace I feel and believe me, deep down in my heart it brings about internal warmth…….but truthfully, not for too long.]]>

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