It must be these words you resound in my ears
Urging me to move on when I know not how
It must be your strong arms
Guiding my paths…so I may not falter
For how do I explain that however narrow that path
I manage to wriggle my way through
Who is this me, strengthened and undaunted overnight
I stare in amazement, continuously stunned by this fight in me
emanating from nothing that I know…nothing I understand
Every setback has become an inspiration
The pacifying wind after the storm
The calmness borne from yet another nightmare
Many times I fall and grope unsteadily
Striving for dreams, seemingly resorting to nothing
But again…that darkness gives way to light
A clear restoration of so much more than I ever hoped for
I know not this me…but I remain in awe
Because undoubtedly a stranger lives in me
A valiant warrior that has truly taken over
Urging me to walk in shoes I always feared I’d never fit into
Leading me on…even until today…five months later
Who is this stranger?
Who is this new me…
Who are you?
Helping me pass through life’s unpredictable journey
Holding me up….
Making it worth every day
…just so you’d know…
I’m thankful!]]>

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