Talented Duo – Chloe and Halle

I think i have been living under a rock because until now i have never heard about the Talented Duo – Chloe and Halle. Talented Duo - Chloe and Halle     Thanks to Facebook, i stumbled on their version of the Beyonce Song: ‘Pretty hurts’. The song has suddenly become so meaningful to me, as this talented duo made me listen to it over and again. Apparently, this video was posted two years ago and it caught the attention of Beyonce. Wow! Where have i been?…definitely under a rock..lol. According to Page Six, Beyoncé has signed Chloe and Halle, who went viral a couple of years back for their insanely good cover of ‘Pretty Hurts’. Since then,they have been enjoying massive success online, with over 600,000 subscribers to their joint Youtube page. According to Cosmopolitan Beyoncé decided to sign the sisters to her company after her manager came across one of their videos. The contract, worth $1million, provides for up to six albums over the next five years. Beyoncé is just working out the details with a judge, as both Chloe and Halle are minors. They truly deserve it. I am blown away by the synergy and the fact that they are young, plus fun. I wish my sister and I could sing like this. Oh i forgot, I am the one who can’t sing…Sigh! Check out the YouTube page of  this very talented duo – Chloe and Halle. Enjoy!   ]]>

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