Thank You Lord!

Dear God

I write this blog not knowing how much to say thank you.
I thank you amongst every other thing today for the life of best friend
I know that you are a kind God and you forgive us despite our countless shortcomings
Best friend is so lucky cos you saved him; I know without you he’d be gone
He was so happy about going to church last Sunday…after such a long while
He went on and on about how he will keep this up cos he knows you will bless him
Indeed he is blessed! He is alive…He is safe because of you
You saved my dearest, he has always been there for me…I love him! He’s atrue freind who will never leave me no matter how many fautls i have.
Father, last night he fell from the fourth floor all the way down
He can breath, he can speak, his back isn’t broken. He called me.I was so happy to be there by his side.I was happy cos even in his pain he was glad i was there.
Yet he fell….Four floors down, on concrete floor…Still, I saw him today. Alive!
He has a broken arm and a broken leg but I’m thankful cos it could have been worse
I know you saw him through and you will continue to see him through his pain
I know its temporary and I know the God we serve is a merciful God
I thank for Father for this day…I thank you for Life.

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